This is a blog dedicated to sharing fun adventure stories every month. (Well, hopefully fun. Interesting, maybe? Vaguely agreeable?)

Each story is set in a new world–worlds full of thieves and princes, ghosts and dragons, robots and spaceships and intergalactic emperors. Oddly enough, we have yet to feature a sleepy tiger (a disastrous oversight, which we hope to amend soon).

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Skies Of Scarlet

Published October 2019

A wolf in the woods. A woman on the run. A single night lit by a full moon.

The Last Last Chance (Last Chance, #6)

Published August 2019

Eli has been kidnapped by vampires. Ketzal is stuck in a lake. Breek is alone on the surface of an alien planet, surrounded by robots whose intentions are unclear.

In short: it’s all gone lopsided. But no one is about to let it stay that way.

Approximate reading time: 50 minutes

Last Chance And The City Of The Undead (Last Chance, #5)

Published July 2019

Eli, Ketzal and Breek have found the lost treasure of Ma-Rek — and, somewhat unexpectedly, a lost city to go along with it.

But the search has landed them in a deadly trap, and their attempts to get free only promise to deliver more mysteries.

Approximate reading time: 30 minutes

Last Chance And The Pale Lake (Last Chance, #4)

Published June 2019

In their search for Ma-Rek’s lost treasure, Eli, Ketzal, and Breek find themselves traversing the deep caves below the crust of the planet Loris.

But while they search for treasure belowground, creatures on the surface conduct a hunt of their own–and unbeknownst to them, our adventurer’s situation is becoming more precarious than ever.

What Is Left Undone

Published May 2019

Tired, alone, and on the run from a failed coup, Temati wants nothing more than rest. A chance encounter with a band of refugee children in the forest seems, at first, like nothing but another roadblock in her path.

But there is more to the forest than meets the eye, and when she is offered a very real chance to seize the rest she’s desired so long, Temati must decide whether she wants to flee from her past–or confront it.

Muddied Waters

Published April 2019

A storm without an end, a town on the brink of destruction, and a sword-bearing stranger with claims that seem too good to be true.

Three days, the man announced, and he would stop the storm. Tobias, owner and barkeep at the flood-besieged Marquette Hotel, doesn’t believe his claims for a second; but he’s more than willing to play along, if only for the payment he can demand for food and lodging when the stranger’s promises fall through.

As it turns out, though–the truth has a way of surprising everyone.

Approximate reading time: 40 minutes

Last Chance and the Missing Knife (Last Chance, #3)

Published March 2019

Something is scrabbling in the cupboards. Something is stealing the silverware.

Aboard the Last Chance once more, Eli and Ketzal are hot on the trail of lost treasure–but they are not alone on their little ship. How long will it be until they see who hides beneath their very noses?

Approximate reading time: 35 minutes

This Screaming Earth

Published February 2019

Hamish is a thief. Convicted to exile on the Wailing Plains, his only concern is with survival. Not with the strange, stumbling creatures that seem to fill the Plains to bursting. Not with the weird, inhuman things that they scream.

But as his search for a way home goes on, it brings him ever closer to the truth about what these creatures are–and what they were.

Survival or no, it is a truth he cannot afford to ignore.

Approximate reading time: 35 minutes

Last Chance and the Rings of Ma-Rek (Last Chance, #2)

Published January 2019

After the scuffle with the Beast of Blue 12, Ketzal and Eli have earned their rest. While the Last Chance undergoes necessary repairs, the two adventurers part ways, each pursuing their own brand of relaxation.

But, as they soon find–no world is without its monsters, and the things that lurk in the dark were never meant to be faced alone.

Approximate reading time: 65 minutes

Last Chance and the Lonely Planet (Last Chance, #1)

Published February 2018

Eli is a man who’s worked his whole life for freedom, only to have it all crash down around his ears.

But luckily, between the red-haired adventuress that’s trying to tear down his spaceship for scrap and the ancient robot that wants them both dead, he won’t have a whole lot of time to dwell on the fact.


Published January 2018

A stranger walks into a teahouse. Without enough coin to pay for a meal, he offers to kill a local monster instead–The Clever One, an ancient dragon in the mountains who terrorizes the village for profit.

But some monsters, as it turns out, cannot be defeated with a sword.

Brevian and the Star Dragon, Part II: Meeting With Dragons

Published September 2017

Brevian is content with his life of scrubbing floors and having friends, far away from the lonely rigamarole of princehood. But there are two others who are far less content: a StarDrake looking for vengeance, and a freshly-crowned emperor looking for his long-lost brother.

Brevian and the Star Dragon, Part I: Stowaway

Published August 2017

A bored prince. An empty spaceship. What could possibly go wrong?


Cracks in the Concrete

Published July 2017

Grey knows what he is. A survivor. A killer. A child of the Dust Age, born at the end of the world.

But the world is growing green again, and Grey is no longer sure if he belongs in it.


Published June 2017

Alone, weary, and nearly frozen to death, Icanthus has a mountain between him and his hopes of freedom. In the bitter cold, he’s beginning to doubt that a new life, however idyllic, is worth the climb.

Then, he stumbles across a misplaced gryphon…


Published May 2017

It’s a good life being a pirate. An even better one when you’ve earned yourself a legendary reputation.

Theophilus Quinn, captain of the ship Jester, has a fiercely guarded reputation for being one of the best mercenary minds on the open ocean–so when he stumbles across a pair of defenseless, bickering kings, his first thought is of a king’s ransom.

But how will he hold the monarchs for ransom when no one seems to want them back?


Published March 2017

Hermea is a nation of conquering soldiers and arrogant politicians, hated by every self-respecting soul that lives under its iron rule. But when Micah finds a Hermean soldier alone and wounded in the middle of the waterless wadi, what can he do but stop and help?

Sunset Soliloquy

Published February 2017

All Marah wanted to do was leave her past behind her. But when she meets an old friend in the middle of an orchard at dusk, she finds that sometimes, freedom is found in facing your demons.

Saphed Maut

Published January 2017

Detective-Inspector Avaidh Isha is committed to uphold the law at any cost. But when an unexpected train crash brings him into contact with Upanyaa’s most feared brigand, he is forced to choose between duty and doubt.

Bazar-Tek and the Lonely Knight

Published December 2016

Captain Tek of the Mermaid is a man of experience, a galaxy-hopping pirate who puts his faith in what he can see and touch–the acid scent of his ship, the stolen goods it carries. But when an eccentric stowaway jumps of out the hold claiming to be a hero, Tek is forced to reconsider a world he thought he understood.

The Wolf of Oboro-Teh

Published October 2016

Shiram was promised a monster. He hoped for death.

But what he found…was something else entirely.

Justice and Sandwiches

Published October 2016

For Ramlin, getting robbed on his way to work is more of an inconvenience than a tragedy. for Nargle, robbing travelers is an impersonal part of his daily business.

But as it turns out, the average-looking day holds something neither of them expected: attempted murder, a nasty case of identity theft…and worst of all, puns.

The Curious Case of B-712

Published August 2016

Michael may not know a great deal about robots, but he’s worked around them long enough to know one thing.: they are definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, not alive.

Or are they?

Of Stolen Gold and Princesses

Published July 2016

Some dragons hoard treasure. Others, organize it.

Lloyd is one of the latter types. Living a peaceful life in the mountains, he doesn’t put much stock in adventure–until his friend Gahzi is kidnapped by bounty hunters, that is.

Death Wish

Published June 2016

Jax Cortas is just your average criminal-turned-wish-granter. He doesn’t complain about his job–he has sensible hours, a fulfilling environment, and his own private star.

Of course, the Star Foundation’s repeated threats of execution don’t exactly encourage dissent.

But while Jax is commissioned on pain of death with granting every wish that comes his way, not all wishes are good ones–and when his job calls upon him to become an assassin, Jax must find the wit and the will to walk the narrow line between kill and die.

Land of Ghosts

Published May 2016

A storm, an ancient battlefield, and a lonely pegasus rider…

Keenan is used to the spirits that plague his home and fill his ears with accusations. but there is one spirit, of all the thousands, that he knows far too well–and will do anything to avoid.

Sparrow and the Bowman

Published April 2016

A tale of vigilantes, drug dealers, and, of course, jelly beans.

The Pick-Pocket of Ishtar

Published March 2016

Kalli, a young street urchin and a competent thief, steals a pocket-watch that is more than it seems.

Suddenly, a Dragon

Published February 2016

Zechariah cares little for adventure. But when a fateful morning thrusts him into the midst of another dimension full of dragons and political turmoil, he has little choice in the matter.